My Story

I love baking and cooking. I like to tell my mom that I love it so much because she didn't love it so much. She agrees.  So when I think back to how I started baking, I think of my mom's best friend. She would make cakes as a hobby for all of our important life events. All of us kids would spend time together and "practice" with all her leftover frosting and piping bags, creating our own works of art.  When we had a party or life event, the cake was the focus and everyone couldn't wait to see what her latest creation would be.  It was exciting, artistic, and made people smile. 

I always enjoyed baking for family and friends - until I reached college. I didn't have a kitchen any more.  As soon as I graduated, baking started again - but this time with an emphasis in cakes. Some of my friends started getting married and I thought that I'd attempt to make their wedding cakes.  My first attempt was a six tiered cake.  Six tiers.  What was I thinking!? I was thinking that it sounded fun and exciting. But with the wonderful help of my boyfriend, now husband, we successfully delivered the cake with it only tilting slightly. I look back on that time and laugh and shake my head. This is only because I was pretty much crazy to try and pull that off, but I did it anyway.  That's how I've always been. 

I've now made many various cakes for weddings and special events that actually aren't tilting. I've committed myself to learning new pastry skills and staying up-to-date with the latest cake trends. Over time I've found that it brings me great joy and satisfaction to create a piece of edible art, while celebrating exciting life events.